Felly’s How to Live Forever Vol.1 WAV

Felly’s How to Live Forever Vol.1 WAV

Christian Felner (Felly) is a rapper, singer, and producer with a jazzy, West Coast inspired rap sound. He’s collaborated on tracks with a range of musical stalwarts, from MAX to Santana.

The twenty-four year old has been making music and sharing beats with followers since his high school days; he was signed by Same Plate Entertainment in 2018. In “How to Live Forever,” Felly’s Splice first, bouncy and smooth melodic multi-instrumental and production effects that underlay his rap sound are at the pack’s forefront.

Instrumentals include drum sounds—fills, chilled out loops, and one shots: hi-hats, kicks, snares, rides, and rimshots. FX feature playful rainy phrases and celestial risers. Choral vocal vibes and pretty tonal moments—keys, synth, and guitar chords—also feature.

Relaxed and playful, the instrumentals, vocals, and effects you’ll find in Felly’s “How to Live Forever” make for music too smooth to ever die.

The pack includes:

· 2 Drum Fills
· 11 Drum Loops
· 31 Drum One Shots (8 Hi Hats, 14 Kicks, 4 Rides, 1 Rimshot, 4 Snares)
· 8 FX
· 41 Tonal Loops
· 43 Tonal One Shots
· 3 Vocal Loops
· 3 Vocal One Shots

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