refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Bundle

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Bundle

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Bundle

This bundle contains a complete orchestra and far more:

All four Hollywood 2 libraries (Core Library, Drums / Orch FX, Strings, Woodwinds / Brass) spread over 369 presets and more than 8 GB of data await you for an unbeatable price.

Get the whole world of orchestral instruments, now!

Included expansions

Hollywood 2 Core Library

The heart and soul of your Hollywood2 experience is here.

This core library delivers a comprehensive selection of vintage synthesized sounds, gigantic tutti orchestra sounds, plus a beautiful concert harp, a massive church organ, an epic choir, plenty of upright and grand pianos, and much more.

Hollywood 2 Strings

The whole world of stringed instruments is all included in this single expansion!

All of the multisamples are performed by talented professional musicians and were recorded using the highest quality equipment.

Discover the heartrending violin ensembles, dramatic violas, epic celli and monstrous double basses in this first class Hollywood2 expansion!

Hollywood 2 Winds & Brass

The winds and brass instruments define the Hollywood sound!

Powerful horns, growling trombones, cutting trumpets and deep, bassy tubas.

Experience the crystal-clear lead flutes, the sub-bassy contra bassoon and bass clarinet, a wonderfully sad oboe, funky saxophones and perfectly mixed tutti woodwind ensembles!

Hollywood 2 Drums & FX

Epic Drums at your fingertips!

Hollywood2 Drums & FX not only offers a complete set of orchestral percussions, drums and cymbals, but you will also find orchestra effects such as rips and risers, clusters and crescendos.

These effects are essential elements for any trailer or movie production.


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