Sonic Collective Kora WAV

Sonic Collective Kora WAV

Sonic Collective Kora WAV

The West African kora is an instrument that isn’t easily defined. Combining aspects of both the harp and lute, its 21 strings are plucked by both hands in tandem to create a sophisticated polyrhythmic sound. For this sample collection, Sonic Collective & Found Sound Nation teamed up with Vieux Cissokho, a virtuoso kora player and Griot storyteller from Senegal. This collection features a set of beautiful hypnotic kora melodies and polyrhythms as well as classic kora ostinato riffs, “kumbengo,” and improvised solo runs, “birimintingo,” recorded in Vieux’s studio in Paris, France.

Born in Ziguinchor in Southern Senegal, Vieux’s work carries the lineage of his kinsfolk, whose music and stories are passed through the generations from parent to child. Destined from a young age to play the kora, Vieux was raised with the sounds, songs and stories of his instrument, in a family of kora players. “In my culture, musicians are messengers and healers. I use my music to bring people together. One day someone told me, ‘When you are performing, I couldn’t stop looking at your smiling face.’ I said to him, ‘The happiness from my heart is why I cannot stop smiling.’”

Produced by Found Sound Nation

Edited and mixed by Chris Botta & Enayet Kabir


Demo Preview:

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