K-Size Tribalism WAV

K-Size Tribalism WAV

K-Size Tribalism WAV

The K-Site Tribalism Pack is the latest bag of tricks to come out of the house of K-Size.

Tribal elements are not just an added pinch of salt to flavour up a certain genre, they actually make up their own unique one.

Where would Ibiza be today, without its summer charm and the tribal tracks that built that special charm?

Also, nearly all the House, Tech-House and Techno producers frequently fall back on Tribal elements to spice up their tracks.

It doesn’t matter if it has a South American rumba or a pumping African rhythm, one thing always stays the same: It has to groove!

• 401 loops and 86 one-shots offer many ways of producing your very own groovy stomper.

• 59 add-on loops: Everything is included, from shuffling shaker loops on to full basis loops with hats and claps.

• 45 Basic loops: 15 kick loops, 15 clap loops and 15 snare loops

• 25 baseline loops: Deep baselines to drive on any beat.

• 144 beat loops: Full loops in different variations – Guaranteed full control with all.

• 27 music loops: Little idea-givers to spawn on your creativity. Small brass or flute loops alongside filtered disco stabs.

• 85 percussion loops: The percussion loop section offers a wide range of loops. Full and reduced loops are also available in this section and thanks to layering, you’ll never get bored.

• 16 vocal loops: The vocal loops can be used all across the board. You’ll find short scene-setting Afro snippets, as well as musically functioning South American vocals that unfold their true Hispanic grooves.

The pack also includes a bonus folder where all the parts of the demo track are contained. All of the loops start from zero and generate exactly what you hear in the track. If you like demo, then you can be sure that everything in this pack is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Demo Preview:

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