KARRA For Serum Vol.2

KARRA for Serum Vol.2

KARRA For Serum Vol.2

Take a trip to another galaxy far, far away with @iamkarramusic’s latest Serum preset pack

Take a trip to another galaxy far, far away with KARRA’s latest Serum pack. Exploding with expansive, wobbly qualities, get ready to blast off with spacey arps, fantastical FX, galactic bass, epic leads, phases, pads, and more. These Serum presets are sure to spark your next pop or electronic production.

Presets list:

808 Atlantic [KARRA].fxp
808 Chakra [KARRA].fxp
808 Destruction [KARRA].fxp
808 Electric [KARRA].fxp
808 Guides [KARRA].fxp
808 Jet [KARRA].fxp
808 Martian [KARRA].fxp
808 Operation [KARRA].fxp
808 Pressure [KARRA].fxp
808 Subconscious [KARRA].fxp
808 Telescope [KARRA].fxp
808 Volcano [KARRA].fxp
ARP Battlecry [KARRA].fxp
ARP Dimension [KARRA].fxp
ARP Fairy [KARRA].fxp
ARP Frisbee [KARRA].fxp
ARP Glitch [KARRA].fxp
ARP Hourglass [KARRA].fxp
ARP Illusion [KARRA].fxp
ARP Mystery [KARRA].fxp
ARP Patterns [KARRA].fxp
ARP Sos [KARRA].fxp
ARP Sunrise [KARRA].fxp
ARP Teleport [KARRA].fxp
ARP Tetris [KARRA].fxp
ARP Ufo [KARRA].fxp
BA Abyss [KARRA].fxp
BA Attack [KARRA].fxp
BA Chemical [KARRA].fxp
BA Cinema [KARRA].fxp
BA Connection [KARRA].fxp
BA Earth [KARRA].fxp
BA Giants [KARRA].fxp
BA Manic [KARRA].fxp
BA Metal [KARRA].fxp
BA Planet [KARRA].fxp
BA Pure [KARRA].fxp
BA Telepathic [KARRA].fxp
BA Utopia [KARRA].fxp
BA Weapon [KARRA].fxp
FX Atom [KARRA].fxp
FX Bounce [KARRA].fxp
FX Chaos [KARRA].fxp
FX Chemtrail [KARRA].fxp
FX Crystal [KARRA].fxp
FX Enchantor [KARRA].fxp
FX Fantasy [KARRA].fxp
FX Hype [KARRA].fxp
FX Magic [KARRA].fxp
FX Mammoth [KARRA].fxp
FX Mystic [KARRA].fxp
FX Prey [KARRA].fxp
FX Stomp [KARRA].fxp
FX Warp [KARRA].fxp
LD Blade [KARRA].fxp
LD Chimes [KARRA].fxp
LD Elevate [KARRA].fxp
LD Epic [KARRA].fxp
LD Evil [KARRA].fxp
LD Flutter [KARRA].fxp
LD Intense [KARRA].fxp
LD Mohawk [KARRA].fxp
LD Protection [KARRA].fxp
LD Rainbow [KARRA].fxp
LD Song [KARRA].fxp
LD Voyage [KARRA].fxp
LD Warrior [KARRA].fxp
PD Animated [KARRA].fxp
PD Compass [KARRA].fxp
PD Damsel [KARRA].fxp
PD Darkness [KARRA].fxp
PD Doorbell [KARRA].fxp
PD Equator [KARRA].fxp
PD Firestorm [KARRA].fxp
PD God [KARRA].fxp
PD Landscape [KARRA].fxp
PD Prince [KARRA].fxp
PD Royal [KARRA].fxp
PD Thief [KARRA].fxp
PD Vice [KARRA].fxp
PD Whisper [KARRA].fxp
PH Fuckitup [KARRA].fxp
PH Heaven [KARRA].fxp
PH Want [KARRA].fxp
PH Weekend [KARRA].fxp
PH Yeah [KARRA].fxp
PL Arrows [KARRA].fxp
PL Birds [KARRA].fxp
PL Circus [KARRA].fxp
PL Clash [KARRA].fxp
PL Flavor [KARRA].fxp
PL Gem [KARRA].fxp
PL Generation [KARRA].fxp
PL Glass [KARRA].fxp
PL Heartbeat [KARRA].fxp
PL Ice [KARRA].fxp
PL Joker [KARRA].fxp
PL Lights [KARRA].fxp
PL Shattered [KARRA].fxp
PL Telephone [KARRA].fxp


Demo Preview:

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