Komorebi Audio Dusk Haze – Hip Hop & Lofi Soul Sample Pack

Komorebi Audio Dusk Haze – Hip Hop & Lofi Soul WAV

Komorebi Audio is proud to present Dusk Haze – Hip Hop & Lofi Soul, a dusty and smoked out sample pack inspired by classic west coast hip hop and modern lofi beats.

Inside you can expect to find a huge array of punchy kicks, dirty and unique hihats, grooving break chops and snappy snare samples. Drum loops are provided as full drum loops and individually stemmed out into top loops, kick and snare and percussion for maximum usability.

The melodic side of the pack is filled with a bountiful array of bass loops, piano and rhodes arrangements and moody pad layers. Inspired by the art of record sampling the songstarter loops are essentially full sections of tracks in their own right, they include full instrumentation such as bass, keys, synth and pads but not drums.

These sections can be used as is and layered with your own drum sounds or chopped and flipped to your liking. Also included are a variety of resampled songstarters which are chopped, remixed and repurposed versions of the original loops.

This lofi soul sample pack is our largest to date by far and weighs in at a whopping 1.36gb and consists of hundreds of 24bit royalty free WAV files.

If you’re looking to add a detuned and hazy west coast sound to your hip hop and lofi beats then this ones for you!

Pack Breakdown

27 Hihat one shots
22 Percussion one shots
11 Kick one shots
29 Snare one shots
41 Songstarter loops
11 Synth loops
20 Full song loops
22 Piano loops
3 Pad loops
31 Bass loops
20 Full drum loops
20 Hihat & percussion loops
20 No kick loops
20 Kick & snare loops20 Kick & snare loops

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