Kryptic Samples Thug 4 Life WAV MIDI

Kryptic Samples Thug 4 Life WAV MIDI

Kryptic Samples Thug 4 Life WAV MIDI

‘Thug 4 Life’ by Kryptic Samples kicks off these West-Coast Hip Hop series, stuffed with red-hot and authentic Old School sounds. This Tupac-inspired Cali West Coast seasoned pack has been designed for music producers wanting to produce cropping up West Coast and G-Funk beats.

This pack contains five skilful West Side Construction Kits, featuring a vast gear list of Old School and G-Funk sounds such as piano and synth loops, electric piano and guitar loops, flute, mandolin, vibraphone, resounding and grooving drum & bass loops and others.

All samples are provided in WAV format both in dry and wet versions and the MIDI files are also included, so the samples may be chopped, sliced, stretched, edited, re-sampled and pitched to suit your needs.

If you are looking high quality 100% authentic West Coast flavoured sounds, Thug 4 Life will provide you with all you need to create your very own knocking beats dripping with the jumpy West Coast sound.

Product Specifications:

  •  Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)
  •  05 x Construction Kits
  •  05 x Complex (.MIDIs) Kit
  •  05 x Mixed And Mastered Demo/Preview Tracks
  •  18 x Drum Loops
  •  16 x Kick Loops
  •  12 x Snare Loops
  •  04 x Rim Shot Loops
  •  04 x Clap Loops
  •  14 x Hi-Hat Loops
  •  04 x Hi-Hat Open Loops
  •  02 x Cymbal Loops
  •  20 x Percussion Loops
  •  02 x Bass 808 Loops
  •  08 x Bass Loops
  •  76 x Synth Loops
  •  08 x Piano Loops
  •  10 x Electric Piano Loops
  •  04 x Flute Loops
  •  08 x Electric Guitar Loops
  •  02 x Mandolin Loops
  •  02 x Vibraphone Loops
  •  02 x Organ Loops
  •  All Loops Include Dry And Wet Versions
  •  Key And Tempo-Labelled
  •  Complete Fully Mastered Mix
  •  44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
  •  Compatible With All DAWs
  •  PC & Mac Compatible
  •  100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview:

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