Lancaster Audio Nobles ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin [WIN]

 Nobles ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin

Lancaster Audio Nobles ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin [WIN]

The legendary ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal is finally available as a plugin! Along with the classic ODR-1 sound, we’ve added a ton of new features like: Adjustable voltage (from 5v to 18v) and switchable low cut, which gives you even more options than the physical pedal!

✔️ Flawless digital recreation of the legendary Nobels ODR-1
✔️ Retains a guitars dynamics while still giving an overdriven tone – Tolerance Modelling
✔️ Available on both PC & MAC
✔️ Variable Voltage with automatic level adjustment
✔️ Bass Cut
✔️ Mono or Stereo
✔️ Low CPU overhead
✔️ Classic tones from Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp, Tim Pierce, and more!
✔️ Preset Saving
✔️ No annoying dongle protection – Obviously LOL


  • Drive – Adjusts the amount of overdrive.
  • Spectrum – Turning the knob clockwise increases the bass and treble at the same time. The midrange stays
    untouched in either direction to offer transparency with a pinch of warmth.
  • Level – Adjusts the total output volume of the pedal.
  • Bass Cut – Applies a Low-Pass Filter at 80 Hz.
  • Bypass – Allows you to turn on or off the plugin.
  • Tolerance Modelling – Allows you to introduce tolerance differences between multiple instances of the plugin, similar to the tolerance variance that occur in manufacturing of the Nobels ODR-1.
  • Voltage – This allows you to have the option to give your audio track less headroom or more headroom of the overdrive effect.


  • CPU – Intel Core 2 or newer
  • OS – Windows Vista or later
  • DAW – VST 2.4 compatible or Pro Tools 11
  • RAM – 2 GB DDR3


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