Louis Bell Teaches Hitmaking For Producers TUTORIAL

Louis Bell Teaches Hitmaking For Producers TUTORIAL

Hitmaking for Producers with Louis Bell TUTORIAL

Become a better producer in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn #1 producer Louis Bell’s entire process for crafting hit songs – the same process that has earned him more #1 songs than any other songwriter or producer in the past few years. Finish the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects, and feedback sessions. It’s a world-class curriculum and unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction

Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on Day 1. Louis Bell explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have and know ahead of time to get the most out of the class.

Days 1-15: End-To-End Songwriting & Music Production

In this part of the class, Louis walks through his full songwriting and production process by creating an original song in real time, from start to finish. He walks through his entire process of developing a song, including how he writes melodies and lyrics, produces synth, drums, bass, and other instrument parts, uses effects and automation to shape and adjust his sounds, and mixes and finalizes the track. You will follow along with Louis step-by-step and end Part 1 with your own original song.

Level up your songwriting and production skills

During this 30-day class, learn the full set of songwriting and production skills Louis Bell uses to create chart-toppers. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to the next level.

  1. End-to-End Song Development
    Louis is known for his ability to develop a hit song from start to finish, from coming up with an initial idea, to writing melodies and lyrics, to producing vocals and instrument parts. In this class, he will write and produce two songs from scratch in real time.
  2. Complete Vocal Production
    Louis deconstructs his process for recording, editing, processing, tuning, and mixing vocals, including how to capture the ideal recording with an artist, how to comp and audition takes, and how to get professional quality vocals sitting perfectly in your mix.
  3. Drum Production & Beat Making
    Louis breaks down his entire approach to drum production, from selecting and layering drum sounds to expanding drum loops into full arrangements. Learn to create beats that add dynamics and rhythm to your track while retaining a natural, human sound.
  4. Lyrical Development & Storytelling
    When writing a song, Louis is always trying to tell a story that matches the overall vibe and mood of the track. In this class, Louis shares his system for writing lyrics that are meaningful, relatable, and sonically pleasing while conveying the emotions of the song.
  5. Producing Synth, Guitar & Bass Parts
    In this class, Louis singlehandedly writes and produces every instrument part for two original songs, sharing how he composes the music and shapes each sound with effects. Learn how to produce effective bass, synth, and guitar parts for your songs.
  6. Writing Effective Topline Melodies
    In this class, Louis covers a range of advanced melody-writing techniques. He explains how to create a memorable topline melody by varying melodic patterns, scale ranges, rhythm, and articulation throughout different parts of a song.
  7. Finding Inspiration & Starting Songs
    Louis has developed a systematic process for coming up with ideas and starting songs. In this class, he’ll share how he finds inspiration, overcomes writer’s block, reduces creative friction, and develops an initial idea into a complete song.
  8. Melodyne & Advanced Vocal Editing
    As a vocal producer, Louis shapes and perfects each note of a vocal track. In this class, Louis explains how to carefully adjust the attack, timing, and pitch of lead vocals to make them sound clean and professional while retaining their human quality.
  9. Layering, Composition & Sound Selection
    Louis demonstrates his process of layering instruments to create a powerful and sonically rich arrangement. In this class, you’ll learn how to to create a thick, full sound using a range of instruments, while avoiding a messy, overproduced track.
  10. Vocal Stacks, Harmonies & Ad Libs
    Louis demonstrates how he makes vocals sound thicker and fuller with vocal stacks, harmonies, echoes, and ad libs. You’ll learn how to record and produce harmonies and background vocals so that they complement the song without distracting from the lead.
  11. Song Structure & Arrangement
    Louis explains how he determines the order of verses, choruses, and pre-choruses, and how he develops the lyrics and melodies in each part of the song. You’ll learn how to build and release tension to create an effective arrangement for your track.
  12. Fine-Tuning EQ, Reverb & More FX
    Louis dives deep into compression, EQ, reverb, delay, filtering, and more. He explains the specific tools, plug-ins, and techniques he uses to apply these effects, and shows you how he fine-tunes each parameter to achieve the exact sound he wants.
  13. Sounds, Synths, Samples & Plugins
    Louis shares all of the tools he uses to make his music, including his go-to instrument sounds, plugins, and synths. He’ll show you how he selects the perfect instruments, audio samples, and effects, and how he organizes and navigates his expansive library.
  14. Pocketing Vocals, Drums & Instruments
    Louis explains how to pocket each element of a song so that it sounds natural, feels rhythmically correct and in time, and establishes a groove. Learning to pocket your vocals and sounds will help you create a clean, spacious, and cohesive mix.
  15. Automation & Advanced Techniques
    Louis walks through all of the advanced techniques he uses to take his tracks to the next level. He’ll show you how he adjusts and fine-tunes his automation throughout a song, and how he uses filtering, sends, and more to create polished, professional tracks.
  16. Collaboration & Producing for Artists
    Louis is an expert at collaborating with other artists and producers, drawing out each person’s strengths to create the best possible song. You’ll watch Louis work with an artist in the studio, and then you’ll create a song with a collaborator of your choice.
  17. Mixing, Polishing & Finalizing Tracks
    Louis breaks down his end-to-end mixing process, teaching you how to professionally polish and finalize your tracks. In this class, watch Louis mix and polish two songs from start to finish, explaining everything he’s doing along the way.
  18. Workflow, Productivity & DAW Mastery
    In his 20 years of experience as a producer, Louis has streamlined every aspect of his hitmaking process. In the class, he shares how he organizes his projects, sets up a music production template, and gets the most out of his DAWs and plug-ins.


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