MAAT Digital DRMeter MkII v2.2.2 WIN

MAAT Digital DRMeter MkII v2.2.2 WIN

MAAT Digital DRMeter MkII v2.2.2 WIN

DRMeter MkII is the first Loudness meter that combines high accuracy R128 and A/85 conformance with elements expressly for music production. It’s the only Loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends by augmenting mandated mono measurement with classic L/R metering, and is also the first plug–in to offer both PSR and official DRi Dynamic Range to gauge comparative dynamic density.

DRMeter MkII premiers Dynamic Deviation, an intuitive presentation of current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness. Another first; inclusion of the emerging PSR (Sample Peak–to–Short–term Loudness Ratio) standard as an alternative to unstandardized PLR. DRMeter MkII also introduces DualVu, displaying both relative and absolute scales simultaneously so less effort is required to “stay on target.”

DRMeter MkII makes all aspects of Loudness tangible and easy to understand, while the round trip MFiT feature eases seamless leveling for iTunes delivery. Multiple metering modes are visible simultaneously, and presets for all major streaming services and broadcast standards highlight the extensive feature mix.


  • Measurement proceeds for all metrics in the background, allowing for quick switching of standards without losing context
  • Dynamic Deviation offers lucid Loudness management when mastering for different Loudness–normalized music distribution platforms
  • Individual Left/Right values for Max. Short Term, Max. Momentary & True Peak to spot trends & channel–specific issues
  • Three metering modes: L-Mode (Loudness), D–Mode (Dynamic Range) & Integrated
  • L-Mode toggles between RMS, Momentary & Short–term Loudness
  • D–Mode toggles between DR (estimated DR), PSR (SPPM–to–Short–term Ratio) & LRA (Loudness Range)
  • Integrated Mode toggles between DRi (DR) & LUi (Program Loudness)
  • 30 dB Zoom Scale for non–broadcast applications
  • R128 Gate defeat for non–EBU regions & channels
  • Real time, one button Mastered for iTunes (MfiT) metering and monitoring seamlessly integrates MfiT into mastering workflows
  • Resizable, low fatigue visual design for optimal ergonomics
  • All metrics are high accuracy R128 & BS.1770–compliant


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