MAAT Digital thEQred v1.2.0 WIN

MAAT Digital thEQred v1.2.0 WIN

MAAT Digital thEQred v1.2.0 WIN

Building on the foundation of Algorithmix’s much heralded Linear Phase PEQ Red, thEQred transforms that reference quality into a contemporary, cross–platform product. thEQred parametric audio equalizer fulfills the promise of extraordinary smoothness through frequency–based equalization. As with other members of MAAT’s thEQ family, its complex 80 bit floating point internal architecture, sophisticated signal windowing, and applied calculation precision all contribute to uncompromising quality and exacting fidelity.

Several features of thEQred attest to MAAT’s philosophy of maximum workflow efficiency, such as MAAT’s exclusive Contribution Control. New to the product family is VariSlope technology, proprietary to thEQred. With VariSlope, shelving and cut filters offer continuous adjustment of slope from near zero to 24 dB/octave. Unlike other equalizers that let you define or draw the “curve,” VariSlope offers unique versatility while preserving the sound quality MAAT’s EQs are known for. The combination of linear phase and VariSlope affords very smooth, controlled spectral changes without any phase shift or group delay.


  • Fully parametric linear phase EQ
  • Free of group delay
  • Exclusive Contribution Control
  • Unique VariSlope with continuous slope
  • Optional live spectrogram
  • Supports up to 384 kHz sample rates
  • AutoGain for effortless A/B comparisons
  • Variable resonant ƒ tunings for common Western scales
  • Inbuilt tone generator for quick spectral navigation


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