Major Hiphop + Vocal Rnb Sample Pack WAV MIDI

Major Hiphop + Vocal Rnb Sample Pack WAV MIDI

Major Hiphop + Vocal Rnb Sample Pack WAV MIDI

This new collection of perfectly crafted samples, is probably our best release till now.

Inspired by Drake, Ariana Grande and big names alike, it’s a complete solution for producers seeking to make hit records.

It has all the most current sounds and production tools, including drums, percussion, basslines, 808s, pads, guitars, keys, synths, sfx and gorgeous female acapellas, in dry and wet versions.

All 100% royalty-free, means you can use the sounds in your music, release on labels, sell to singers and make money off your music.

Just listen the demo and you will understand what we’re talking about, the pack is fire 🙂

The pack contains:

– 201 files total
– 1.11 GB unpacked
– 24-bit WAV quality
– 100% royalty free

– 5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled):
KIT01_150BPM_key F#
KIT02_140BPM_key C#
KIT03_131BPM_key G#
KIT04_155BPM_key E
KIT05_149BPM_3/4_key F

– 97 loops:
-5 kick loops
-8 snare/snap/clap loops
-8 hat/shaker/tambourine loops
-1 percussion loop
-6 bass loops
-3 pad loops
-2 guitar loops
-2 keys loops
-3 synth loops
-5 sfx loops
-4 vox loops
-50 vocal loops

– 59 stems:
-5 kick stems
-6 bass stems
-8 snare/snap/clap stems
-8 hat/shaker/tambourine stems
-3 pad stems
-2 guitar stems
-2 keys stems
-3 synth stems
-5 sfx stems
-4 vox stems
-12 vocal stems (6 dry/6 wet)

– 31 one-shot samples:
-5 bass shots
-2 synth shots
-2 instrument shots
-2 vox shots
-20 drum&perc shots

– 14 MIDI files (synth, bass)


Demo Preview:

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