Middle East Percussion Essentials Multiformat

Middle East Percussion Essentials Multiformat

Middle East Percussion Essentials Multiformat
Size 0.99 Gb

Big Fish Audio is proud to present Middle East Percussion Essentials!

Middle East Percussion Essentials is a collection of essential percussion loops for making Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Azeri tunes or just for adding a Middle Eastern flavor to your current style. Ethnic instruments like Bendir, Darbuka, Bata, Udo, Nagara and Tombak have been recorded alongside common ones like Congas, Bongo, Shaker, Tambourine, Djembe and more. In addition to 4/4 or 2/4 measures, Middle East Percussion Essentials provides many 6/8 and triplet loops and even special groove performances that lie somewhere in between! You can use them separately or layer them to create more complex rhythms.

Middle East Percussion Essentials has been formatted in the most widely used formats on the market today: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, and REX files, making it usable in virtually every piece of contemporary software and hardware.


12 Construction Kits


Apple Loops (569.9 MB)
– 280 AIFF Files

WAV/ACID (578.1 MB)
– 280 WAV/ACID Files

REX/RMX (271.3 MB)
– 292 .rx2 Files


– 08 Tombak loops
– 08 Nagara loops
– 06 Bata loops
– 10 Darbuka loops
– 13 Bendir loops
– 08 Udo loops
– 03 Slap Cajon loops
– 58 Bongo loops
– 06 Cymbal loops
– 52 Cajon loops
– 51 Congas loops
– 13 Shaker loops
– 08 Djembe loops
– 03 Clap loops
– 03 Cowbell loops
– 04 Tambourine loops
– 02 Tom loops
– 01 Triangle loop
– 16 One Shots


Demo Preview:

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