Mntra Frcture VSTI WIN

Mntra Frcture VSTI WIN

Mntra Frcture VSTI WIN

Frcture was born as a collaboration between Mntra and Vampr, with the aim of creating a modern producer’s toolkit suited for all genres with a specific focus on hip-hop, pop, and R&B. As it’s centerpiece, Frcture features a beautiful, deeply sampled upright piano, recorded with both state-of-the-art modern ultrasonic mics and vintage ribbon mics, allowing you to create your perfect mix. Too clean for you? We also created pitched and warped versions of those signals for added texture. To round out the palette we recorded two of our favourite analog synths, giving you a spacious pad and a massive bass, as well as a layer of cassette tape noise to blend with any of the other sounds.

Inside Frcture

To get you going, we created 50 presets, ranging from gentle pianos to monolithic soundscapes, so that you can get to making music without worrying about what’s going on behind the hood. But for the sound designer inside you, our engine MNDALA encourages you to explore as much as you want. Intuitive controls let you quickly shape the sound, while the XYZ matrices allow you to build a complex performance.

8 Instruments

  • Piano Close
  • Piano Far
  • Warped Piano Close
  • Warped Piano Far
  • Shimmer Piano
  • Rogue Bass
  • Moving Pad
  • Tape Noise

50 Presets

  • Singles
  • Piano
  • Long
  • Arps
  • Overworld (Created by Jonathan Rowden, founder of Overworld XR)


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