ModeAudio Marble Ocean (Serum Hip Hop Preset)

ModeAudio Marble Ocean (Serum Hip Hop Preset)

ModeAudio Marble Ocean (Serum Hip Hop Preset)

Dip your toes in the warmth of the Pacific Ocean and feel the eager embrace of the Californian sun with our latest set of custom designed synth presets for Serum, Marble Ocean – Serum Hip Hop Presets!

Spreading a full complement of 50 .fxp presets across your digital beach-towel, this royalty-free collection of synthtastic delights will bring the lush heat and cool swagger of the LA Beat Scene to your copy of Xfer Records’ Serum VST.

This synth sound palette is positively brimming with internal movement and energy, with filter cutoffs and pitches set to meander, LFOs tweaked, resonances cranked and waves of sculpted noise layered into each preset.

Taking in rich basses drenched in low-end hysteria, saturated synth leads bursting with analog character, soaring pads, swirling SFX and synth plucks that glint in the breeze, this patch library contains all the synth action required to get your next slick Hip Hop gem rolling in moments.

The majority of the presets have been built from 33 of our very own, bespoke wavetable samples, recorded using analog synths and expertly woven into the digital fabric of the Serum soft synth.

It’s genuine analog synth character in a digital casing, delivering all the stunning processing power and effects capabilities this entails!

Accompanying the presets are 20 propulsive drum loops, lolling and loping around the grid in true LA Beats style. 60 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files complete the selection, bringing you a host of track starting ideas in the form of basslines, chord progressions, lead melodies and more.

Wade out and let the clear ocean wash over your sound – start swimming with Marble Ocean – Serum Hip Hop Presets today!

Pack details:

11 Bass Presets
13 Lead Synth Presets
18 Pad, Pluck & Arp Presets
8 SFX Presets
20 Drum Loops (Kicks & Top Drums)
33 Custom Wavetables (Analog Synths)
60 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)

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Demo Preview:

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