ModeAudio Tide (Ambient Presets For Serum)

ModeAudio Tide - AMbient Presets For Serum

ModeAudio Tide – Ambient Presets For Serum

Carry your next production away on wave after wave of rolling, deeply textural sound with our latest release, the sweeping Tide – Serum Ambient Presets!

Presenting you with 50 micro-programmed, royalty-free .fxp presets for Xfer Records’ Serum soft synth, this bottomless collection of bass, pad, chord and FX patches shift, swell and sputter like the lapping curls of distant ocean spray.

With the entire sound set constructed from 46 of our own, custom-sampled wavetables culled from guitars, analog synths and drum machine recordings, these sounds deliver a deeply personal and richly coloured selection of widescreen ambience and sonic atmosphere.

From monumental basses and unfurling pads, to arcing leads, fraying FX textures and even thumping drum sequences, the library also takes in 11 chord presets allowing you to build progressions of parallel 5ths, major and minor chords with just single notes on your keyboard.

Unique to this sound set is a choice of 10 gated presets, modelled after granular synthesis techniques and offering up shimmering, spluttering drone and texture sounds to add stuttering rhythmic dimensions to your Ambient, Cinematic and dark Techno productions.

Completing the pack are 50 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops, named after and paired with each of the presets included, and designed to showcase the sounds and offer up instant melodic building blocks for your arrangements. All 4 macros are assigned for each patch also, perfect for automating within your DAW.

Get lost on a high tide of evolving, enveloping sound – sail today with Tide – Serum Ambient Presets!

Pack Contents

10 Bass Presets
11 Chord Presets (5th & Major/Minor)
10 Gated Presets (Granulation)
9 FX Presets (Noise & Textures)
5 Pad Presets
3 Sequenced Presets (Full Beat & Kicks)
2 Synth Lead Presets
46 Custom Wavetables (Drums, Percussion, Guitars & Synths)
50 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
50 .fxp Presets In Total

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Demo Preview:

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