Music Career Masterclass TUTORIAL

Music Career Masterclass TUTORIAL

Music Career Masterclass TUTORIAL

Level Up your Music Career Today
Now is your chance to Discover and Learn all the Essential Steps to Build your Professional Career in Music, so that you can Make Money from your Skills and Experience as a Music Maker and Artist.

Make Money from your Skills and Knowledge
How much Money would you like to Make from your Music Skills and Knowledge? Whether you are aiming for a Full Time Professional Career in Music, or to Create a Nice Side Income on top of your day job, this Masterclass will help you Advance on Your Journey.

Masterclass Modules:

  • Kickstart your Journey to a Professional Music Career
  • Game Music and Audio
  • Music Licensing – Your Music in TV/Film/Games
  • Create your own Brand – For Creatives and Artists
  • YouTube Success – For Music Makers and Artists
  • Designing Audio Logos
  • Teaching your Music Skills – With Screencasting
  • You will gain from 30 Years of Experience

The two instructors of this course (Mikael Baggström and Gary Hiebner) will share from the experience and knowledge they gained from all their years composing and producing music, which in total is well over 30 years. They have also experience in teaching online for 5+ years each. And together they have created this Masterclass to Guide and Help you Advance your Music Career.

Start Today – And Create Your Future
Don’t wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover all the possible avenues that you can explore to make money from your music
  • Learn how to Build your Brand, Market and Promote yourself as a Music Maker, and Grow your Authority and Fanbase


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