My AD2 Dry Sample Pack WAV

My AD2 Dry Sample Pack WAV

My AD2 Dry Sample Pack WAV

For Producers looking to use a quick and easy one shot workflow for that sampled Drum sound with high quality samples that were made using AD2.

Not all kits are in here, this isn’t meant to be a one shot rip off of AD2, it’s just meant to be a nice one shot pack filled with great acoustic drum sounds.

All Kits come with a single 20MB sample that can be imported into a sampler to use with Slice Modes or Transient Detection modes if you don’t want to import all the individual one shots. However all of the one shots are also available if you’d like to make smaller more simple kits, or mix and match your favorite samples.

Kits were picked by ear for the cleanest and most desirable sounds, then the Room & FX busses were turned off, and a Compressor was added to the Master. This will give you the option to shape the sound however you want and add your own wet effects.

Kits in this pack:

  • Black Oyster (HH Tamb)
  • Black Oyster (No Tamb)
  • Blue Oyster 22BD
  • Blue Oyster 26BD
  • Fairfax 1
  • Fairfax 2
  • Funk
  • Indie
  • Jazz Sticks
  • Retroplex
  • Soul Rnb Acrolite 1968
  • Soul Rnb Longo Cherry
  • Studio Pop
  • United Pop Ludwig
  • United Pop Trump
  • Vintage Dry Early 70’s
  • Vintage Dry Late 70’s


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