Complete Music Production with Andrew Huang Course

Complete Music Production with Andrew Huang Course

Complete Music Production with Andrew Huang Course
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Andrew Huang Teaches Complete Music Production

Renowned music producer Andrew Huang teaches you everything he knows in this one-month class, transforming the way you make music. Immerse yourself in the process and leave the class with 3 polished songs and a new set of lifelong, end-to-end music production skills.

Song #1 – Electronic Instrumental

For Song #1, Andrew walks you through and explains his entire real-time process for creating a fully-electronic instrumental track. You’ll write and produce your own electronic track, leveling up your end-to-end skills as a producer in the process.

Song #2 – Synthesis and Samples

For Song #2, Andrew dives deep into sampling, sound design, and synthesis, showing you how to gain complete control over the sounds you use in your productions. You’ll produce a second track along side Andrew to put these skills into practice.

Song #3 – Vocals and Live Instruments

For Song #3, Andrew shows how he writes and produces a track with vocals and live instruments, including writing lyrics, setting up a home recording space, and recording and producing vocals and live instruments. You’ll produce a final track to practice.

Level up your music production skills

  • Production Fundamentals

Learn the end-to-end skills of a music producer, from tracking your first instruments and finding the best sounds to bus processing and MIDI programming. During this class, Andrew shows his complete, real-time production process for 3 tracks.

  • Creativity and Coming Up With Ideas

Andrew is known for his musical prolificness, releasing over 2,000 songs across nearly every genre. In this class, Andrew breaks down his process for coming up with new song ideas, how he systematizes the creative process, and how you can do the same.

  • Music Theory and Songwriting

Andrew teaches multiple levels of music theory in depth, starting with the foundational concepts and then quickly proceeding up through advanced harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and songwriting techniques, helping you write better, more interesting songs.

  • Sampling, Synthesis, Sound Design

Learn to create any sound from scratch, from lead and pad sounds to 808s, basses, drums, and plucks. Andrew breaks down the fundamentals of synthesis, sampling, and sound design, showing how he perfectly crafts sounds and how you can do the same.

  • EQ, Reverb, Compression, and More FX

Andrew dives deep into compression, EQ, reverb, delay, distortion, modulation, filtering, and more, teaching how he gets the most out of these audio processing effects and how you can use them in more creative, professional, and powerful ways.

  • Automations and Advanced Techniques

Andrew walks through and explains the advanced techniques he uses regularly to take his tracks to the next level, including a huge range of automation tricks and temporal-based effects, exposing you to music making ideas you’ve never seen before.

  • Arrangement, Layering, Composition

Andrew explains how to use arrangement, layering, and other composition techniques to transform your productions from dull MIDI loops into professional-sounding tracks with rich textures, compositional balance, and a thick, full sound.

  • Expanding Loops and Finishing Songs

Finishing tracks is often one of the hardest things for music producers. We tend to get inspiration, track a basic loop, and then get stuck. In this class, Andrew deconstructs his systematic process for extrapolating loops and ideas into full, finished songs.

  • Transitions, Ear Candy, and Polish

Andrew walks through and explains in detail his process for creating dynamic, effective transitions between sections of his songs and how he elevates his tracks with ear candy and other forms of auditory polish. Andrew is a master of the little details.

  • Vocal Production and Recording

Andrew fully deconstructs his process for recording, editing, processing, tuning, and mixing vocals, including how to set up a home recording space, how to capture the ideal recording, and how to get pro-sounding vocals sitting perfectly in your mix.

  • Workflow, Productivity, DAW Mastery

Andrew is a music-making productivity expert. In this class, Andrew breaks down his end-to-end workflow in three different contexts, shares his personal techniques for being productive, and guides you to also becoming a master of your DAW.

  • Working With Live Instruments

Andrew explains and fully documents his process for recording, comping, editing, processing, and mixing live instruments, like bass, guitar, drums, and more, demystifying how to get clean, professional-grade recordings from your instruments every time.

  • Lyric Writing and Melodic Development

Andrew uses a range of methods to consistently write effective lyrics and vocal melodies. In this class, watch Andrew write a new song completely from scratch, in real-time, explaining his thought process and workflow step-by-step. This is fun to watch.

  • Mixing, Mastering, and Finalizing Tracks

Andrew breaks down his end-to-end mixing and mastering processes, teaching you how to professionally polish and finalize your tracks. In this class, watch Andrew mix and master three full songs from start to finish, explaining everything along the way.

  • How to Learn Music More Effectively

Andrew is known for playing countless instruments, using nearly every musical tool, and having a deep knowledge of music and production theory. In this class, Andrew shares his system for learning new things more effectively, so you can level up faster.

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