Neural DSP Archetype Nolly v2.0.0 WIN

Neural DSP Archetype Nolly v2.0.0 WIN

Neural DSP Archetype Nolly v2.0.0 WIN

The purest distillation of Nolly’s custom-modded guitar amp collection, captured with 100% accuracy

Adam “Nolly” Getgood stands out as one of the most accomplished and respected figures in modern metal. Whether it’s multi-instrumental stints in Periphery, engineering some of the most breathtaking audio productions, or even capturing the perfect drum tone, everything Nolly does is executed with absolute precision and a seemingly obsessive commitment to excellence.

There are very few things Nolly hasn’t experimented with in his quest for the perfect guitar tone, even teaching himself electronics to re-engineer his favorite amplifiers, modifying them to his exact requirements. When we learned of this, we knew we had to collaborate to bring his vision to the world. After countless iterations, thousands of impulse-response files auditioned, we have finally distilled Adam’s sonic vision for the perfect guitar sound into a single plugin.

We proudly present you, Archetype: Nolly.


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