NI Amati Viola v1.2.0 KONTAKT

NI Amati Viola v1.2.0 KONTAKT

CREMONA QUARTET brings together four of the world’s most valuable string instruments. Featuring phase-aligned stereo samples and performance-captured vibrato, plus extensive chromatic sampling of 20 articulations, every quirk and nuance of these historic artefacts is now available to producers via a wealth of cutting-edge parameter controls.


Known as the birthplace of strings, the Italian city of Cremona has a long and special history. Built hundreds of years ago with wood from surrounding forests, each instrument has its own unique personality, and together their sound represents the heart, soul and magic of the region. A collection of four treasured string instruments dating back to the 1600s, CREMONA QUARTET captures and preserves every detail of their rare characteristics.

Phase-aligned velocity crossfades on long articulations allowing for superbly realistic bow changes.

Innovative modeling of live virtuoso vibrato performances lets you produce highly authentic results with real-time control.

Dial in the perfect timbre for the mood you want, as a real violinist would, with Low-String, High-String and Smart fingerboard positions.

Switch between 20 articulations in total, including Long, Short, Expressive, Dynamic, and Special articulations, all with up to four legato transitions.

Mix close, mid, and far mic positions to create the perfect acoustic space for your strings ensemble.


These instruments were made by the finest luthiers in history. With each articulation of every note played by virtuoso performers in Cremona’s Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, and recorded in exceptional detail, their sounds are now immortalised for contemporary productions.


A pioneering luthier, Andrea Amati is widely regarded as the inventor of the violin as we know it. His son Gerolamo continued this tradition in the family workshop in Cremona, and built the quartet’s oldest instrument, the ‘Stauffer’ viola, in 1614.

The sounds of CREMONA QUARTET were captured using a bespoke array of microphones and preamps, placed in a specially designed acoustic environment. Even the local people of Cremona played their part, with all traffic near the auditorium stopped for the duration of the recordings, to ensure that no external noise could interrupt the process.

Situated in the city of Cremona and the home of these precious instruments, the Museo Del Violino enabled the project by allowing the recordings to take place.

The Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi was purpose-built to allow stringed instruments to sound their very best.

The concert hall was designed by Italian architect Giorgio Palù, with consultation from pioneering acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.

32 microphones were placed around the concert hall in order to capture every possible timbre from each instrument.

All of the recordings were carried out under armed guard, due to the exceptionally high value of the instruments used.

v1.2.0 – 2021-10-26
IMPROVED increased number of key switch slots to 32
FIXED an error where triggering of several notes at the same time resulted in hanging notes


Responsible for producing SESSION STRINGS and SESSION HORNS, e-instruments specializes in crafting intensely detailed sampled instruments. They launched the CREMONA QUARTET project to digitally preserve these rare and extraordinary sounds for current and future composers and musicians to use in contemporary production contexts. The team captured the uniquely special character of each instrument using the highest-quality recording equipment.

Stradivari Cello 27.27 GB (45.25 GB uncompressed)

Requires free Kontakt 6 Player or Kontakt 6 Full Version 6.2.2 or higher

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