NI Play Series – Stacks v1.0.0 KONTAKT

NI Play Series - Stacks v1.0.0 KONTAKT

NI Play Series – Stacks v1.0.0 KONTAKT

Crates of wax, dusty sleeves, and sampled beats: STACKS packs the building blocks of 2000s-era, sample-heavy hip hop into a Play Series instrument full of leads, strings, horns, bass, and sounds influenced by crate digging dedication. Dive deep into the same sounds you’d hear on old-school gems – electric keys, organs, glocks, strings, horns, live bass, and beyond – resampled and processed using tape decks and hardware until they hit the spot. Think collages of funk fused with lo-fi soul, pop lines, and organic left-field bass built for the art of beatmaking.

Sound Editor page lets you modify the individual sound sources (A/B) – giving you access to tuning, filters, panning, and envelopes.

Customize the effects chain of any preset with the Effects Editor. Quickly swap out effects using the dropdown menu, or change the order via drag-and-drop..

Quickly generate ideas with a flexible 16-step sequencer. You can also modulate up to six assignable macros such as filter or distortion.

Edit the assigned macro controls, control parameter ranges, change macro mappings and create your own custom controls from one dedicated page. The coloured macro dots give you visual feedback on your mappings for maximum ease of use.

Customize the instrument your way from the Settings page. Edit key ranges, adjust velocity curves, and more.

The main page of the instrument gives you a simple interface designed to help you focus on playing. Quickly tweak sounds using the six assignable macro knobs.


Beau Tyler got his hands on Play Series: STACKS and the BURNT HUES Expansion to cook up a beat and take a closer look at the tones and textures hidden inside.


  • Dusty textures and organic blends from the sample-drenched soul of cult underground hip hop
  • Over 150 presets of loose leads, off-kilter keys and organs, live bass, horns, strings, and vintage synths
  • Sounds sampled and resampled using original hardware and effects, plus tried-and-tested signal chains and techniques
  • Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface



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