Noisefirm Complete Shaker & Tambourine MULTIFORMAT

Noisefirm Complete Shaker & Tambourine MULTIFORMAT

Noisefirm Complete Shaker & Tambourine MULTIFORMAT

Complete Shaker & Tambourine features a wide array of percussive instruments and textures in meticulously organized and ultra-usable rhythm sets and samples. From egg shakers and maracas to tambourines and caxixis, NoiseFirm CS&T is a comprehensive collection of groove-enhancing elements for your next project.
All material except for drums from Complete Shaker & Tambourine Tempo Flexibility Demo – Hear how the loops work flawlessly over a vast range of tempos – All Instruments Demo – This demo features all of the instruments of CS&T playing one of the many useful rhythms contained in the loop content.


  • 33 different percussive textures
  • 3 Egg Shakers – wood, plastic, and rawhide
  • 5 Studio Shakers – various materials and sizes
  • 3 Maracas – wood, plastic, and rawhide
  • 5 Tambourines – various materials and sizes
  • 2 Tamshakers – High and Low
  • 4 Caxixis – various sizes and articulations
  • 4 Ethnic Shakers – Gourd, Tsink-Tsink, Seed Rattle, Cabasa
  • 3 Household Shakers – Nuts, Vitamins, Pillbox
  • 4 Miscellaneous – Spark Shaker Hi/Lo, Orange, Plum

► Sample Content


  • (Kontakt 4 and later)
  • 95 total velocity layers per articulation
  • 5 round robin groups * 19 v. layers each
  • 33 instruments/articulations
  • 3135 Samples
  • Custom scripting for enhanced performance and flexibility


  • 95 velocity layers
  • 33 instruments/articulations
  • 3135 samples

Each format includes 8 sampler instrument files: ALL, Shakers, Tambourines, Exotic, ALL lite**, Shakers lite, Tambourines lite, Exotic lite **lite version consume roughly 10% the memory of the full versions 3 “One shot” samples per instrument/articulation are also included for quick and easy use in your


► Loop Content

  • 1518 total loops
  • 33 instruments/articulations
  • 46 unique rhythms per instrument
  • Rhythms for both 4/4 and 6/8 (3/4) time signatures
  • Loops available in both “Left Hand” and “Right Hand” patterns for a nearly infinite number of natural loop combinations
  • Created using OmniGrüv technology for use at a massive range of tempos with no artificial time-stretching or audio degradation


Demo Preview:

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