NTS Audio Labs Tribal Tech Delight WAV

NTS Audio Labs Tribal Tech Delight WAV

NTS Audio Labs Tribal Tech Delight WAV

‘Tribal Tech Delight’ is a Premium Sample Collection from NTS Audio focused on the actual club breaking Tribal Tech style that features 1041 WAVe samples plus 330 ready to go loops organized in one wonderfull track Construction Kit for producing Tribal Tech tracks instantly!

You’ll get Tribal grooves, vocal loops , a tribal sounds library, 4 Afro Kits, 1 Latin Kit, Premium Basses, EFX`s and much much more…

The collection is organized in three main sides : Construction Kit, Tribal Library and Sounds Library.

1) The ‘Construction Kit’ side where You’ll get 330 ready to go tribal loops , vocal loops , shaker loops ,kick loops,hat loops , bottom loops , top loops and snareclap loops . The mixing possibilities are really a lot and is very easy to construct a full and totally customized Tribal Tech track!

These types of loops are specially suited for Ableton users and other loop based softwares and permit an instant easy construction of cool tribal tech tracks, beats and grooves!

2) The ‘Tribal Sounds Libraries’ side where You’ll get a Premium Tribal Library , Afro Kits , Latin Kit for a total of 739 WAVe samples.

3) The ‘Sounds Library’ side where You’ll get Vocals Hits & Cuttings ,Drum Hits , Effects, Premium UltraLow Basses for a total of 302 WAVe samples.

These sounds are suitable for soft samplers and audio sequencers or any other sample based software.

Construction Kit


  •  50 Kick Loops at 125BPM
  •  50 Hat Loops at 125BPM
  •  50 Snare Clap Loops at 125BPM
  •  20 Vocal Loops at various BPM speed
  •  50 Bottom Loops at 125BPM
  •  50 Top Loops at 125BPM
  •  10 Shaker Loops at 125BPM
  •  50 Tribal Loops at 125BPM

Tribal Sounds Libraries


  •  4 Afro Kits (84 samples)
  •  1 Latin Kit (56 samples)
  •  1 Tribal Library :
  •  26 Afro Woods
  •  340 Congas & Bongos
  •  37 CowBells
  •  12 Guiros
  •  40 Marimba
  •  33 Melo Drums
  •  16 Mixed Percs
  •  11 Real Claps & Snaps
  •  80 Toms
  •  10 Triangles

Sounds Library

Drum Hits:

  •  45 Kicks
  •  63 Claps & Snares
  •  75 Hats
  •  34 Shakers
  •  15 Tamburines


  • 10 Effects


  •  21 Basses
  • 39 Vocals


  • All the sounds are recorded at 24-Bit 44.1Khz
  •  All the loops and samples are Normalized at 0db
  •  All the loops and samples are A tuned
  •  All the loops are presented at accurate 125 BPM speed. (except for the vocal loops)
  •  All the top and bottom loops are already sidechain compressed for the best groove and kick drum exposition


Demo Preview:

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