nu.wav Seclusion WAV

nu.wav Seclusion WAV

Drawing on trends in modern alternative pop music, nu.wav proudly presents Seclusion: a dark, emotive and forward-pushing library that mirrors the feeling of complete seclusion. A collection of both the dreamy and the disorienting, Seclusion uses warped vocals, distorted percussion and synthesized landscapes to score the lives of the lonely and the feelings of an outsider. Taking inspiration from artists like Banks, Bon Iver, and Lorde, Seclusion taps into both the analog and the digital, using modular and analog synthesizers, found sound, dynamic vocals, and cutting-edge processing to push the sound of alternative-pop music forward.

nu.wav is a NYC-based sound design house with a specialty for crafting forward-thinking yet industry-friendly samples and textures. With a diverse roster of musicians, vocalists, producers and sound designers on staff, nu.wav is your secret weapon whenever you’re ready to break new sonic ground.


• 21 Drum & Perc Loops
• 71 Melodic Loops
• 47 Drum & Perc One Shots
• 36 Melodic One Shots


Demo Preview:

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