Synth Magic Retropolis KONTAKT

Synth Magic - Retropolis for Kontakt

Synth Magic Retropolis KONTAKT

Synth Magic is a collection of Synthesizers were used in the creation of Retropolis such as: Red Sound Dark Star, Alpha Juno2, Kawai SX240, Arp Odyssey, Moog MG-1.

All samples are placed under the control of a very easy to use interface and are accessed via a menu system.

Retropolis has a full effects section and also comes with an Arpeggiator which can also be used to modulate filter cutoff.

Retropolis comes supplied with over 200 snapshots. All snapshots are placed into folders such as: Bass, Strings/pads, synths etc for easy selection of snaphot presets.

Synth Magic Retropolis is a Kontakt instrument (Full version of Kontakt is required 5.8.1 and higher).


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