Pickup Music 7 Advanced Fusion & Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music 7 Advanced Fusion & Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music 7 Advanced Fusion & Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Are you feeling stuck? Boxed in? Uninspired? Join Horace Bray as he teaches you advanced techniques and concepts to elevate your playing with fusion and funk guitar.

Advanced Fusion and Funk Guitar
Horace Bray is here to help you break out of plateaus in your playing and improve fundamental guitar skills.

What you’ll learn
In this Master Class, you’ll learn the exact guitar techniques that Horace uses in his Instagram videos, many of which have achieved viral success and helped him build a dedicated online following.

In Part I, we start with the fundamentals of rhythm and tone. Horace also walks you through how to make your guitar parts feel good and how to stay relaxed while you’re playing.

Next, you’ll learn all about chords and how to spice them up. Part II. covers basic triads and how to add interesting colors to them with extra notes and open strings. Then, we’ll wrap up with a lesson on how to arpeggiate chords.

After an interlude lesson on the basics of funk chords, Horace will walk you through his approach to improvisation in Part III. In this section, you’ll also learn easy ways to improvise over single tonalities and three progressions that increase in difficulty.

If you haven’t dabbled in polyrhythms yet, you’re in for a treat. In Part IV, Horace breaks down an easy way to implement polyrhythms into your playing.

Part V. is perfect for quick inspiration with 20 beginner and advanced licks to learn. Finally, in Part VI, we’ll wrap up with four beautiful SongSquad compositions from Horace.

Who is this class for?
The class is appropriate for intermediate and advanced players looking for new inspiration and concepts to incorporate on the guitar.

Tips for learning
Use this Master Class to find inspiration – learn a new concept, polyrhythms, colorful chords, or a lick to add new flavor to your sound. As always, we recommend taking time to apply any new concept you learn to your own playing style. Take each lesson one step at a time, and incorporate anything you learn into your daily practice routine.

Meet your instructor
Horace Bray is an NYC-based guitarist, educator, and artist who has shared the stage with Plini, John Splithoff, Michael Blume, and Sirintip among others. He studied jazz guitar at the University of North Texas and has since become a staple in the New York music scene.

Let’s get started!


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