Pickup Music Advanced Neo Soul Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Advanced Neo Soul Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Advanced Neo Soul Guitar TUTORIAL

Unlock new sounds on your guitar with Ashton Sellars. In this Master Class, you’ll learn how to play next-level neo soul and map out your fretboard through a systematic, triad-based approach.

Advanced Neo Soul Guitar
3 little notes – why are triads so important?
While seemingly simple, the humble triad has the power to unlock your entire fretboard. This is true across all styles of music, not just neo soul or jazz.

What you’ll learn
The biggest mistake guitarists make is overlooking the fundamentals. This Master Class breaks down two fundamental concepts – triads and hybrid picking – to give you a rock-solid foundation to build on. You’ll also learn new neo-soul licks, songs, and solos to add to your musical vocabulary.

Ashton’s approach to triads in Part I. of this Master Class is highly methodical and serves as the foundation for his signature sound. In this section, you’ll learn close- and broken-position major triads as well as minor triads.

In Part II, Ashton introduces hybrid picking as it applies to triads, chord scales, arpeggios, and stacked 4ths. This is a versatile technique that will put a ton of new ideas at your fingertips, and Ashton breaks it down in an easily-digestible format.

Once you master those fundamental techniques, it’s time to dive into neo soul. Part III. is your grab bag of 10 quick concepts and licks to add to your playing style. Then, we’ll pause for an interlude lesson on the art of practice and move on to three original SongSquads for your learning pleasure in Part IV. Finally, in Part V, we’ll wrap up with jam tracks that you can get lost in for hours on end.

What’s included:

  • 30 HD video lessons
  • Notation for all exercises
  • Three original pieces to learn
  • A 2,000 word PDF handbook
  • Instruction from a world-class artist
  • Unlimited access to all lessons on pickupmusic.com

Who is this class for?
While the lessons in this class are advanced and best suited for intermediate guitarists, the exercises themselves are simple. This means you don’t need to be an experienced player to benefit from the class.

Tips for learning
As you make your way through this class, keep in mind that technique is only half the battle. To truly master these concepts, you’ll need to devote equal time to developing a feel for them through musical exploration. Thankfully, that’s where the fun kicks in – this class includes professionally-produced jam tracks that you can use to hone concepts or just vibe out on.

We strongly recommend that you spend regular practice time on these concepts as we’ll build on them throughout the class.

Meet your instructor
Ashton is an in-demand, London-based musician and producer known for his mastery of neo soul. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Ashton has studied with some of the world’s greatest guitarists in New Zealand and Amsterdam.

Ready to get started?
Let’s dig in.


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