Pickup Music Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist TUTORIAL

In this Master Class, you’ll learn modern legato guitar technique and how to play arpeggios across your fretboard with ease.

Arpeggios for the Modern Guitarist
Join elite guitarist Will Johnson as he walks you through the same exercises, chords, and concepts taught at top-tier, master’s-level jazz programs in NYC.

What you’ll learn
By the end of this class, your arpeggios will be silky smooth and lightning fast!

In Part I, Will breaks down his approach to legato playing with five arpeggio-based exercises that will help you develop smooth picking, left-hand slurs, string skipping, sweep picking, and legato phrasing.

In Part II, you’ll learn how to better visualize your fretboard through positional playing. Here, you’ll use C Dorian to map out your fretboard in four positions that you’ll connect with arpeggios.

Next, Will pulls back the curtain on a key aspect of his sound: chordal modulations. In Part III, you’ll learn how to play Will’s go-to modulations and gain insight into the music theory behind them.

Everything in the previous sections has been building toward Part IV. In this section, you’ll learn how to get that advanced modern jazz sound through all things arpeggio – from simple triads to 4-part chords with metric modulation.

In Part V, it’s time to put everything into context with five Insta-ready SongSquads from Will (with backing tracks included).

Oh yeah, did we mention the bonus lessons? You won’t want to miss them. From Ableton and production lessons to discussions on how to sound jazzy and develop your own sound, there’s a ton of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Who is this class for?
This class is best suited for intermediate to advanced guitarists with a foundational understanding of music theory. If you’re just getting started with jazz guitar, there’s still plenty to learn in this class, you may just need to spend more time on each lesson.

Meet your instructor
Will Johnson is a professional guitarist and producer based in NYC. Affectionately known as Young Team by his followers, Will is highly regarded for his technical mastery, melodic style, and knack for teaching complex jazz concepts in an easy-to-grasp manner.

Tips for learning
Every lesson in this class builds toward the section on arpeggios in Part IV. While some of the early exercises might seem simple, make sure you master them before moving on so you’ll be ready when the difficulty ramps up.

Let’s get legato.


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