Pickup Music Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Funk Guitar TUTORIAL

Get some groove into your life. In this Master Class, you’ll learn fingerstyle funk guitar from Instagram guitar phenomenon, Nicole Cerminara.

Funk Guitar
This Master Class covers the exact fingerstyle funk techniques Nicole uses in her videos that have gone on to achieve viral success and rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

What will you learn?
In this Master Class, Nicole will teach you essential funk techniques, riffs, and licks that will funk-ify your playing in a big way.

In funk, rhythm is everything. Nicole starts Part I. with the basic tenets of funk and introduces foundational concepts including tone, rhythm, and chords.

In Part II, you’ll learn five exercises based on Nicole’s infectious brand of fingerstyle funk. You’ll learn techniques like muting & pulling, slapping, raking, dual-riff thumping, and bluesy double stops that will help you level up your rhythm game. As you move on to Part III, you’ll double down on rhythm with exercises to develop your picking-hand technique.

To wrap up, it’s time for the really fun stuff. In Parts IV. & V, Nicole breaks down her top 10 funk riffs and provides five original SongSquads for your learning pleasure.

Who is this class for?
This class is designed for both intermediate and advanced players who want to master Nicole’s signature approach to funk guitar. You can use the lessons as a way to add new flavors and ideas to your unique playing style.

Tips for learning
If you’re just looking for some quick licks and concepts to add to your playing, feel free to jump around the course. There’s a ton of jam-ready material throughout. As always, we recommend taking your time with the lessons – explore how you can adapt each lick, concept, or technique to your own playing style.

Meet your instructor
Before her captivating Instagram videos launched her into the upper hemisphere of the online guitar community, Nicole Cerminara got her start as a singer-songwriter in her home base of Niagara Falls at the age of 15.


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