Pickup Music Gospel Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Gospel Guitar TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Gospel Guitar TUTORIAL

Join pro touring guitarist Isaiah Sharkey as he teaches you gospel guitar concepts and how to find your voice as a musician.

Gospel Guitar
Developing your voice is an essential part of your journey as a musician. In this unique Master Class, you’ll learn gospel guitar and how to craft your own unique sound. These are the same techniques that Isaiah uses when he’s touring and recording with artists like John Mayer and D’Angelo.

What you’ll learn
Isaiah deconstructs his approach to feel, rhythm, and gospel quartet music in 45 video lessons and an accompanying class handbook. This class places a central focus on using concepts instead of licks as the best approach to develop your voice as a guitarist.

In Part I, Isaiah walks you through some recommended listening, how to play what you hear, and the importance of turning licks into concepts. This section also includes an advanced improvisation by Isaiah along with fascinating bonus lessons on touring with John Mayer and quartet playing.

Next, Isaiah breaks down how to improve your chordal skills. In Part II, he’ll walk you through how to best learn your guitar neck, play chords across the fretboard, and add melodies to chords. This section is packed with material including a breakdown of the influence that “Spanky” Alford had on Isaiah’s playing. After challenging you to learn Isaiah’s unique arrangement of Amazing Grace, we’ll finish up this section with two interlude lessons on George Benson’s picking technique and a discussion on how to develop rhythm and feel.

The fun really begins in Part III. In this section, Isaiah breaks down five of his most popular YouTube videos (tabs included as always.) After a quick interlude lesson on how to prepare for a session, we’ll wrap up the class with Part IV: lessons on three songs from Isaiah’s album Love is the Key.

Who is this class for?
This Master Class is suitable for guitar players at any level. What’s unique about Isaiah’s approach to teaching is that he focuses on simple, overarching concepts rather than complex licks and exercises.

Tips for learning
Isaiah is a true master of his instrument. For this reason, we highly recommend watching every lesson from start to finish. If you take the time to absorb and incorporate them, the points he reinforces throughout the class will have a profound impact on your musical journey.

Meet your instructor
Isaiah Sharkey is one of the world’s leading guitarists. He won a GRAMMY in 2015 for his work on D’Angelo’s album Black Messiah and has worked with an enviable roster of artists, including John Mayer, Paul Simon, Lala Hathaway, Chris Dave, Lupe Fiasco, Kelly Price, and many others.

Let’s go!
Ready to look inward and find your voice? Let’s get started!


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