Pickup Music Guitar Flow TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Guitar Flow TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Guitar Flow TUTORIAL

Through his iconic musical and visual style, Ruben Wan has carved a name for himself as a powerful player in the international guitar community. Now, it’s your turn to learn Ruben’s signature sound.

Guitar Flow
This Master Class will equip you to write your most impressive riffs yet.

What you’ll learn
Throughout the class, Ruben teaches you the exact techniques, licks, and concepts he uses in his viral guitar videos. Buckle up, because there’s a ton of lesson content for you to work through in this Master Class, and it’s all gold.

In Part I, Ruben introduces a series of picking techniques and top exercises designed to unlock the minor pentatonic scale and refine your overall playing ability.

If you follow Ruben on Instagram, you might recognize the gospel influence in his sound. In Part II, he introduces colorful gospel chord shapes and breaks down the harmonized major scale.

Looking to tune up your songwriting? Jump to Part III, where Ruben covers a series of quick songwriting tips to spice up your compositions, including first inversions, chords with added 9’s, twinkling lead lines, and more.

In Parts IV. & V. Ruben pulls back the curtain on some of his best songs and licks with a walkthrough of his top Instagram videos and five licks for a variety of musical situations. Finally, in Part VI, Ruben presents four original SongSquads for your learning pleasure.

Who is this class for?
The class is suitable for both beginner players looking to learn foundational techniques and advanced players who are new to Ruben’s signature blend of neo soul swagger and technical precision. Beginners may find some lessons more difficult than others, so feel free to skip around and explore all that the class has to offer.

Tips for learning
There’s so much you can do with this class. Use it to add new flavors to your playing, take a weekend to hone your compositions skills, learn your favorite tune of Ruben’s, or workshop key guitar techniques. The choice is yours.

As always, this class won’t benefit you if you don’t use it correctly. There’s months (even years!) of material to practice in here. Take each lesson step by step, and give yourself time to absorb the techniques and concepts you’re learning. Regular practice over a long period of time is the key to success!

Meet your instructor
Ruben is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute, where he studied with legendary guitarists including Jan Ozveren, Adam Hawley, Dan Gilbert, and Carl Verheyen. His performance resume includes stage time with Allie Sherlock, Ryan Tedder, Elijah Blake, Grace Sewell, Elisia Savoca, and Kimiè Miner.

Let’s go!
Ready to level up your playing? Let’s dive in.


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