Pickup Music Guitar Tone TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Guitar Tone TUTORIAL

Pickup Music Guitar Tone TUTORIAL

If you’re wondering what those knobs below the volume dial on your guitar are for, you should probably take this class. Join Mason Stoops as he shows you how to craft great guitar tone.

Guitar Tone

Filmed in an iconic Hollywood studio
In this class, Mason will take you through the history of guitar and amplifiers at the world-class Electro-Vox studios – an iconic LA studio where legendary artists like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Burt Bacarach, and Charlie Parker have recorded.

What you’ll learn

This Master Class will help you unlock new sounds with the gear you already own! It’ll also help you identify which gear you may want to add to your arsenal. By the end of this class, you’ll have a deeper understanding of guitar types, amps, and pedals and be better equipped to discover your own unique sound.

In Part I, we’ll brush up on guitar history. In this section, Mason will run you through the history and function of the four most-common electric guitar types.

Have you ever heard the saying that 90% of tone comes from your fingers? In Part II, Mason shows you how to get amazing tone using only the gear you own with lessons on intentional listening, feel, dynamics, staying relaxed, and plucking vs. picking.

In Part III, you’ll learn about different amplifier styles and how to dial in your own amp with the ‘Rule of 6’. Then, Mason will show you how to set up a pedal board with signal flow in mind and walk you through five essential pedals in Part IV. This section also includes advice for crafting an affordable pedalboard setup if you’re looking to build one!

Who is this class for?

From seasoned pros to complete beginners, this class is suitable for guitarists of all levels! The lessons in this class are more than just informative on a gear level, they’ll also make you a more effective guitarist.

Tips for learning

Feel free to jump around the class to topics that pique your interest. Part II. covers playing concepts, while Parts I, III, & IV. focus more on gear.

Meet your instructor
Mason Stoops is an LA-based session and touring guitarist known for his thorough knowledge of historical and contemporary instruments and effects.

Let’s go!
Ready to embark on the never-ending quest for the perfect guitar tone? Let’s get started!


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