Plugins That Knock KNOCK v1.0.1 VST3 AU AAX

Plugins That Knock KNOCK v1.0.1 WIN MacOS

Plugins That Knock KNOCK v1.0.1 VST3 AU AAX [WIN * macOS]

This is the last plugin you will ever need to make your drums KNOCK and punch through your mix. This plugin was meticulously crafted by platinum producer & award winning sound designer, DECAP. It is inspired by the signature sound of his popular drum kit series DRUMS THAT KNOCK, which has helped shaped the sonics of modern music.


Transient shaper, amplifies the attack of your drums, making them more snappy and punchy. Add a touch of Punch to bring your drum tracks to life. Great for drum loops or one shots.


Adds harmonic distortion while compensating perceived loudness volume. Choose from three selectable modes (soft, medium, hard). Perfect for 808s, one shots, or drum loops.


Detects when a kick drum is present, and generates a layered sub frequency tone, giving your kick a deep low end presence. Select the pitch of your sub tone. Perfect for breakbeats, and tuning your kick drum to the key of your song.


Adds smooth, transparent top end to your drum tracks without even a hint of harshness. There are two user selectable modes (vintage and clean).


A user adjustable hard / soft clipper. Push your drums hard without clipping to give your drums a warm, aggressive tone reminiscent of pushing vintage analogue gear into “the red”. Select a harder clip curve for a more aggressive tone, or a softer clip curve for a more rounded tone.


KNOCK is optimized to be extremely easy to use for beginners and professionals alike to take their drums to the next level. Whether you are new to producing, or a seasoned pro, KNOCK will seamlessly fit into your workflow. It’s lightweight on your CPU too – use it on a bunch of tracks!


This plugin includes every feature DECAP used in order to craft his signature sound heard in DRUMS THAT KNOCK, and has been optimized for the highest quality sound possible. Every feature has been fine tuned to perfection to DECAP’s production standards. KNOCK also comes bundled with factory presets crafted by DECAP.


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