Practical Music Theory For Producers – Writing In Key TUTORIAL

Practical Music Theory For Producers - Writing In Key TUTORIAL

Practical Music Theory For Producers – Writing In Key TUTORIAL

Eurgh, music theory…
‘Music theory’ are two dreaded words, carrying with them a sense of intimidation and boredom. As a music producer, you might hear these two words and think: ‘this isn’t relevant,’ ‘I don’t need this,’ ‘It’s all just jargon!’.

Well, we agree! Music theory can be pretty boring, and often it does seem irrelevant for producers who are practical music makers. That’s why we’ve created this short and accessible course, introducing you to all the must know elements of music theory for practical music making.

It can be fun!
Each video takes you through a basic element of music theory, cutting through the jargon and showing you how you can apply it straight away. We break down the theory to bite size chunks so that you can go at your own pace and re-visit specific ideas as and when you need. You will also have the chance to put what you have learnt into practice with our class project, where expert audio engineer John will show you exactly how to convert music theory into music making.

Sounds almost…fun…right? We are here to show you just how easy and practical music theory can be, lending our expert knowledge and advice to take all the pain out of learning.

We’re here to help
We are invested in helping you elevate your music production to the next level, so we would love you to show us what you have learnt by uploading your class project into the gallery. If you find yourself stuck on anything, or want to know more, drop us a comment in the discussion box and we will be more than happy to help.

Class highlights:

  • Short and accessible break-down of music theory for producers;
  • Takes out all the jargon;
  • Gets you making music straight away;
  • Use what you have learnt in the class project and share with us!
  • Shows you how to write in key straight away
  • Applies to starting from scratch, or building around samples

P.S. We were pretty happy to get the last take recorded for this course…


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