Prime Loops Champagne Rockaz WAV

Prime Loops Champagne Rockaz WAV

Prime Loops Champagne Rockaz WAV

Keep it poppin’, baby! The number 1 hitmakers from Prime Loops are proud to present you “Champagne Rockaz”: a super-slick, ultra-modern urban sound collection that seriously delivers the sparkling goods – straight past the bouncers and onto your exclusive VIP table in that shiny boutique club everyone is raving about.

The highly addictive urban synth hooks, bouncing basslines and crystal-clear drum sounds featured in “Champagne Rockaz” reflect the shimmering crossover between Hip Hop, R&B and Dance, pioneered by the likes of super producers Timbaland, The Cartaracs and Crookers. This club-ready mash-up of genres has been established in hit lists and ├╝ber-clubs all around the world, by jet-setting artists such as Will.I.Am, Fareast Movement, David Guetta, Rihanna and Pitbull.

“Champagne Rockaz” is bubbling to the brim with a superb selection of 24-bit sound delicacies that have been constructed, recorded and mastered exclusively for your production pleasure; from assorted drum one-shots to serious dance drum loops and arrangements, from a multitude of pumping basslines to a whole array of super-catchy urban synth hooks and uplifting chord progressions.

As you can expect with every renowned Prime Loops’ sound library, all 400 Mb of “Champagne Rockaz” comes to you pre-formatted for all major music hardware and software and totally free from any royalty or sample clearance hassle. This will not fail to please upcoming music makers as well as a multitude of big names in the current dance music scene who wisely favour Prime Loops products!

So, treat yourself and your productions to this exclusive Magnum bottle of deluxe sonic bubbly at a bargain price, available on instant download. “Champagne Rockaz” not only creates a great buzz – with some additional fizz – we guarantee there’s no hangover to be feared with this Grand Cru of urban dance sound libraries!


  • 63 Basslines
  • 108 Synth Leads
  • 75 Full Drum Loops
  • 42 Top Loops
  • 8 Snare & Clap Hits
  • 6 Kick Hits
  • 6 Hi Hat & Percussion Hits
  • 8 FX Hits
  • 13 Sweep Hits
  • 24 Bit Quality


Demo Preview:

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