PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.1

PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.1
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This is the first volume of Friedemann Tischmeyer’s new series of videos.

To further the tradition of his “Internal Mixing” series, Tischmeyer takes his meticulous approach to explaining the art of sound by deconstructing the mastering process of an acoustic pop song by Banda Magda, originally mixed by Fab Dupont.

He describes the chain of processes he uses in minute details and gives tips on how to choose and setup your processing for your own mastering sessions.

This in-the-box journey will give you insights on the mastering frame of mind, and ideas on how to correct, enhance, and get the most out of a mix in order to create a final product.

This is the first installment of a multipart series to be published in the coming months.

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