Mixing Workshop – From Stem to Final Master TUTORIAL

Mixing Workshop - From Stem to Final Master TUTORIAL

Mixing Workshop – From Stem to Final Master TUTORIAL

Mixing can indeed be a very daunting subject, and it can feel overwhelming to know how to piece together the puzzle of mixing an entire track – even if you know a lot of basic mixing principles.

That’s why we made a recorded mixing workshop that gives you an insight into the real life workflow and methods of a professional mixing engineer, showing how he approaches the mix and mastering stage of a track – all the way from opening the stems to the final master.

Through the workshop, Toby Mason will take a track from the co-founder Arn and show the entire process of mixing and mastering the track for the final delivery.

You will also get an introduction into fundamental acoustic principles, his thoughts on gear, general mindsets when mixing, as well as a breakdown of the most common mixing plugins.

At the end of this workshop, you will possess an understanding for the fundamentals of acoustics, the main mixing tools, and how Toby approaches the tracks he works on.

You will watch a whole orchestral tack get mixed and mastered, and also get an insight into the mixing of a hybrid track with massive percussion, hits, vocals and guitar parts and learn how to approach those elements.

This workshop is not a fundamental mixing program with a rigid system, but rather a real life look into Toby’s own perspectives, principles and workflows that he utilizes in his daily life as a mixing engineer in Los Angeles. From his overarching mindset, and the plugins he uses, all the way to how he approaches the individual elements in a mix.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What mixing is and isn’t
  • The basics of space, psychoacoustics and how humans perceive sound
  • Concepts like headroom, mid/side, analogue vs digital equipment, headphones vs monitors, masking and more.
  • How EQ’s, compressors, reverbs, delays, saturatos and multi band fx work, and how to use them
  • How Toby structures and organizes a mixing session
  • How Toby mixes and masters an orchestral track
  • How Toby mixes and masters a hybrid track

… and lots of tips and tricks along the way!

What You Get In The Workshop

  • Over 6 hours of video content
  • 4 modules and 31 video lectures of content
  • Witness the mixing process of two different tracks (Arn Andersson – Atomic Nucleus, Tom Hawk – Gravitas).
  • Reference Mix, Mastered Track & Unmixed Stems for each are included downloads with the workshop.
  • Designated student group
  • Available on all devices
  • Lifetime Access
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Module 1: The Fundamentals Of Sound And Mixing

This module is all about getting to know the fundamental concepts of sound and mixing, in order to make good decisions during the mixing process. You will learn about how we hear, monitors vs headphones, your room, psychoacoustics, frequency masking, and much more.

We start off with an introduction on what mixing is and what it isn’t, and further discuss how to set up your studio and what type of gear you should be using within it. We next dive into Wave Theory & Psychoacoustics so that we can get a deeper understanding on what audio waves are and how they work in order to make better decisions. Finally we round off the Module by an introduction into Critical Listening.

By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of the concepts and tools required to create a foundation for great mixes.

Module 2: Mixing An Orchestral Track

In the second module, Toby covers the essential tools of a mix engineer in depth with practical and in context examples. We get a detailed look into tools such as EQ, Compression/Expansion, Multi band Processing, Spectral Processing, Time Based Processing (reverb & delays) and Saturation/Distortion.

At the end, you will have a strong foundational knowledge in a wide variety of tools for mixing, including lots of knobs and functions you’ve probably overlooked or not known exactly what does. Deeply understanding each element of these tools increase your ability to work with more precision and purpose.

Module 3: Mixing An Orchestral Track

In this module, Toby will mix and master an orchestral cue written by the co-founder Arn.

Starting with the setup of your session so that it’s organised and your busses are routed correctly, we then proceed to get our stems ‘mix ready’. We then dive into the full mixing process, where you’ll watch Toby over the shoulder mix all the stems in Arn’s track, explaining every choice he makes and why. Finally, Toby takes you through the steps of mastering your mix so that it’s ready to share with the world.

In this module you will see a lot of practical applications of principles learned in Module 1 and 2, as well as be able to follow along the entire workflow of an actual mix, with explanations for every big move along the way.

From getting the depth and with, to making sure each impact and drum sounds big and powerful, making the strings sound lush and warm, and making the brass sound majestic and grandiose. You will also learn a lot of Toby’s secret sauce to getting loud, wide and punchy masters to finish off your tracks in style.

Module 4: Mixing With Advanced Concepts

Now we understand the basic process of mixing, Toby dives into more advanced mixing techniques using a different track, with each lecture focussed on a specific instrument or instrument group.

The areas of focus include; Solo Instruments, Vocals, Short Strings, Percussion and more. more being Pings and Basses & Pulses.

The module rounds off with an in-depth lecture diving into some Advanced Production Techniques.


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