RARE Percussion Dirty Pianos Vol.1 WAV

RARE Percussion Dirty Pianos Vol.1 WAV

RARE percussion Dirty Pianos vol1 was created from incorporating an amazing pianist, performer,composer, and music app developer Gisel A. Costa. Through 25 years of playing piano and learning rigorous technique she performed and designed these sounds to translate the ideas of a true pianists mind to small pieces of compositions and/or samples. You can find beautifully textured chords and one shots to play yourself or full melodic ideas to inspire you.

Check out Dirty Pianos and let your creativity flow through. Be on the lookout for more from Gisel A. Costa and RARE percussion.

RARE percussion is an accumulation of melodic and rhythmic global instruments curated for today’s music creator. Using new techniques, concepts, and never before sampled instruments, RARE is all you need for inspiration and high creativity in your music.



Demo Preview:

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