reFX Nexus 3 Expansion:Halloween

reFX Nexus 3 Expansion:Halloween

reFX Nexus 3 Expansion:Halloween

Halloween — Bats, Cats, Mad scientists and even the Count himself make an appearance in this free mini-expansion for all Nexus 3 users.


AR Heart Beat.fxp
AR Witching Hour.fxp
AT Dark Fog.fxp
AT Hologramm.fxp
AT Mystic Drone.fxp
BL Dark Bell.fxp
BL They Have Rung.fxp
FX Bat Invasion.fxp
FX Black Crow.fxp
FX Bound in Chains.fxp
FX Brain Knead.fxp
FX Cat Jowls.fxp
FX Cauldron Bubbles.fxp
FX Creature.fxp
FX Dark Boom.fxp
FX Dark Night.fxp
FX Death Bird.fxp
FX Evil Boom.fxp
FX Freefall.fxp
FX Ghosts Mortuary.fxp
FX Glass.fxp
FX Guillotine.fxp
FX Haunted Wind.fxp
FX Horror Blade.fxp
FX House of Horror.fxp
FX Knock.fxp
FX Masher.fxp
FX Monster Shot.fxp
FX Professor Electric.fxp
FX Rain.fxp
FX Revers Shutter 1.fxp
FX Revers Shutter 2.fxp
FX Revers Shutter 3.fxp
FX Short Pull.fxp
FX Thunder 2.fxp
FX Thunder 3.fxp
FX Thunder.fxp
FX Zombie Chainsaw.fxp
OR Count Dracula.fxp
PD Castle Strings.fxp
PD Character.fxp
PD Mystic House.fxp
SQ Basement Ghost.fxp
SQ Hitchcock.fxp
SQ Midnight.fxp
SQ Panic.fxp
SQ Secret Halloween110BPM.fxp
SY Ghost Whistle.fxp
SY Theremin.fxp
VO Demons.fxp
VO Ghoul.fxp
VO Gravedigger.fxp
VO Halloween.fxp
VO Help Me.fxp
VO Hey Guy.fxp
VO Monster Laugh.fxp
VO Scary Kevin.fxp
VO Strangle.fxp
VO Trick or Treat.fxp
VO Whispers.fxp
VO Witch Baba Jaga.fxp
VO Witch Mountain.fxp
VO Woman Scream 2.fxp
VO Woman Scream.fxp
VO XXL Scream.fxp


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