refx Nexus 3 Expansion: EDM 1-6

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: EDM 1-6

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: EDM 1-6 For NEXUS 3

This is a pure EDM adrenaline rush: A barrage of brutal basses and cutting leads, and a matching artillery of complex arpeggios and sequences, complete with merciless tonal kicks and basslines.

More than 150 killer presets are waiting to be discovered in this treasure house of the most up-to-date EDM sounds you will find. Get the real thing, and get ready for real EDM!


The second chapter in EDM history is here: EDM2. This pack offers more than 133 of the newest and freshest electronic dance music sounds. Lose yourself in an electric warehouse of deep basses, monster kicks, distorted leads, bending vocals, festival plucks, bouncing arpeggios, uplifting effects, and super wide pads. This pack is sure to become your new favorite tool for creating the dance music of the future!


Electronic Dance Music is back with a Vengeance!

Join the big leagues of modern club music production with these fat beats, epic melody breaks, never-ending risers, and brutal drops.

EDM3 is here – and it’s here to stay.


A new arsenal of fresh EDM sounds is here!

Unleash the hardest, fattest, and most ruthless sounds on the market with Nexus EDM 4.

These ultra wide kicks, epic leads, growling basses, stinging arpeggios, and gigantic uplifters are the stuff dance floor dreams are made of, so go be the Sandman!


Ladies and gentlemen: It’s time for the next Chapter in EDM!

Update your EDM arsenal today with the newest and hottest sounds from dance floors worldwide!

EDM5 will take you to the next level with sick ultra low kicks, drilling bass lines, the widest chords imaginable, pulsating leads, vocal chops, and inspiring arpeggios and sequences.

What are you waiting for? Get this expansion and make your tracks sound – and go – BIG!


Our most successful Nexus 3 expansion series is back with another installation!

The long-awaited EDM 6 is here with the newest, hottest, and freshest dance and club sounds around. This one is pure EDM.

If you already own a previous volume, you know what to expect:

The hardest leads, deepest basslines, punchiest drums, and wildest arpeggios around. Period. Full stop.


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