reFX Nexus Expansion: Hip Hop 1-4

reFX Nexus Expansion: Hip Hop 1-4

reFX Nexus Expansion: Hip Hop 1-4 For NEXUS 3


Yo! Lookin’ for phat hip-hop beats that make the booties shake? You want synth RnB pianos, basslines, pads that sound so real you’d think they just got jacked from the music shop? Inspiration for arpeggios that will help you create the ultimate dolla-dolla bill hit single? Drums? FX? It’s all in tha hizzy!


Drop it like it’s hot!

This expansion pack of modern hip hop sounds is deep, dark, moody, heavy, and seductively melodic.

Developed in the style of Drake, The Weekend or DJ Khaled, Hip Hop 2 offers 130 presets of ultra low, booming 808 kicks, savage hi hat rolls, plucks, pads, and magical arpeggios.


It’s getting hot in here – again:

Hip Hop 3 has arrived! Continuing where Hip Hop 2 left off, it includes 129 cutting-edge sounds in the style of hip hop legends Migos, Post Malone, and Drake. These new samples are fresh, cool, dark, authentic and moody, offering a twist that will catapult your beats into a new realm where you can create the heavy hits of the future!

Get inspired with aggressive leads, booming 808s, closed hi hat rolls, sick synths, short sequences, arps, plucks, pads, bells, and more.

You know you need this savage arsenal of sounds!


Need new OG and modern Hip Hop sounds to pack some heat into your next hit? We’ve got your back with Hip Hop 4 for Nexus3!

Paying homage to some of the greatest rappers of all time, this one will blow the dust off your speakers and power up your creative juices with its ultralow sub booms, melancholy arpeggios, dark synth riffs, and inspirational sequences.

Everything you need to lay down hundreds of dank beats and loops is on tap here – now!


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