reFX Nexus Expansion – Trap 1-4

reFX Nexus Expansion - Trap 1-4

reFX Nexus Expansion – Trap 1-4 For NEXUS 3


Deep analog beats, sick pitching synths and chopped up, crazy vocals… it’s a Trap! Join the Nexus Trap experience and be among the first producing this new genre. This monster expansion for Nexus2 has 128 presets with leads, drums, basslines, FX, pre-built SQs and arps to make you Harlem shake all day long.


This is a Trap producer’s dream: Club-ready beats, sick synths, and deep basslines – all perfect for Big Room sounds on the main floor. This monster expansion for Nexus 2 has 128 presets with leads, drums, FX, SQs, and arps that are designed to shake a dancefloor. Trap 2 is a heavy hitter for any producer making Trap, Dubstep, Complextro, Electro or Hip Hop tracks.


Brace yourself for this heavy hitter: Trap 3.

With 129 presets of crazy, pitch-bending arpeggios, deep basses, complex drums, screaming risers, fat chords, pianos, bells, and wobbling, moving synths, this expansion pack will wreak havoc on any hip hop, trap or twerk track.

Lock down this monster pack today and unlock your next mega hit!


Look out, lovers of both hip-hop and EDM, who deliver that unstoppable combination in Trap:

The fourth installment of today’s hottest sounds is here!

Trap 4 provides all the ammunition needed to blow the dust off any speakers.

With wild, pitching arpeggios, screaming leads, gliding vocals, wobbling basses, pulsating chords, and playable, ultra-low boom kicks, your next Trap track promises to pack the punch of a lifetime.



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