Richard Nhoebra Fractal Transitions WAV

Richard Nhoebra Fractal Transitions WAV

Richard Nhoebra Fractal Transitions WAV

A mixture of Sound FX forged in a different dimension, new swooshes and splashes, kicks and hits, fillers and risers and mechanical transformations from the visionary world of Sound Designer:Richard Nhoebra.

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Richard Nhoebra, Electroacoustic music Project of Italian’s Riccardo Menegon Creative Producer and Sound Designer is mainly focused in researching for sound. Soundscapes is what the best define the idea of his brand’s project. Born in a small town in in the North-West of Italy near the Venice he discovered his passion for electronic music after playing different instruments. It opened doors and his mind to him for the sonic possibilities as he discovered already to love the sound playing guitar between church and alleyway in Venice, a place that when its been built a very meticulous almost mystical attention where put in the acoustic side of the architectures, He still love to go there and pass time recording between places. Riccardo Menegon moved to Manchester, UK in late 2013 after playing Techno around Europe. Manchester, the town of his Project’s creation and studies of Electronic Music after critical year passed he realized that he wanted to create music more suited for him self – his knowledge – feelings so here the history of Richard Nhoebra began.


Demo Preview:

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