MSD Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1-3 WAV

MSXII Sound Design Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1-3 WAV

MSD Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1-3 WAV
Size 27.8 Mb

Back with a brand new series of INCREDIBLE drums, the MSXII Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1 clocks in tastefully inspired by the stylistics of the lofi culture with a hint of Flying Lotus influence. You will feel these drums, crafted from live kits & drum synths alike, begging for swing, groove, and off-the-grid rhythms.

We’ve taken these a step further once again and carefully built these around our Lofi Melodics 3 series…meaning that for each of the textures in that pack, we have a set of drum textures to match. We then mixed all of these up to make a completely new, and out the box kit. Always forward thinking and aiming to advance our culture, MSXII Sound Design truly puts heart into each and every creation. Be a pro. Be a champ. Be a winner. Purchase Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1!

Lo-Fly Drums Features:

45 brand new, original MSXII drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
Created with the forward thinking producer in mind. This is for the innovative
Pairs nicely with Lofi Melodics 3 (as shown in our demo)
Easy file management with labled folders of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percs, Xtra
Inspired by the Lofi subculture, tastefully textured with that MSXII Sound.
Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps

Lo-Fly Drums Vol.2 is here! By demand, we’ve heard you & added some dope percussion loops and much more to this kit. It clocks in bigger and better than the original! Still influenced by the growing lo-fi culture and one of our favorite producers, you’ll immediately find use for these in your music production. True to our roots, no fluff. All incredible sounds.

Per usual, expect our lo-fi texture and grit to shine through on these. We utilized our Roland SP404 for crazy compression and our Bastl Instruments Microgranny for further processing. There are loops. There are claps set up for layering with your snares. So much in here. You’ll find that these drums HIT, sit in your mix, and stand out as they’re uniquely original. Stay a champ by messing with a company who loves this as much as you do. Purchase Lo-Fly Drums Vol.2 today!

Lo-Fly Drums 2 Features:

52 brand new, original MSXII drum one-shots + loops in 16 bit .wav format
MSXII innovation and thought process in mind with coloring and texture on drums
Easy file management with labeled folders of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion, Claps for layering, and Loops
SP404 and Microgranny processing and techniques
Mixed to sit in your mix correctly. Use the sounds as-is
Inspired by the Lofi subculture & Flying Lotus
Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps

MSXII Lo-Fly Drums Vol.3 pulls up as a quick favorite of your most trusted sound design team’s arsenal! Once again, deeply rooted in aesthetic the of the lofi culture, yet carefully sauced up by that MSX Audio treatment. We aim to make you “feel” these drums. The lifeblood of your music production.

Per usual, we’ve created these to match the textures of our Lofi Melodics compositional series. Meaning, if you’ve picked those up, these are drums that match and work well frequency & character wise! Because we design, conceptually with each kit, we’re biased in saying that you can never have too many drums! How can you when there is so much music to explore? We’ve got you covered on both…drums and compositions. Rock with MSXII, the upper echelon in sound design.

Lo-Fly Drums 3 Features:

52 brand new, original MSXII drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
Inspired by the vast lofi hiphop subculture of music production
Dipped in MSXII secret sauce texture chains. The sound you’ve come to love.
Mixed carefully to cut through the mix with headroom to continue to blend with the rest of your work
Always pairs nicely with our Lofi Melodics compositional series
Easy file management with labeled folders of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion etc.
Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps


Demo Preview:

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