United Plugins TOTAL BUNDLE MacOSX

United Plugins TOTAL BUNDLE

United Plugins TOTAL BUNDLE MacOSX

Professional Audio Plugins Created by Independent Artists and Developer Teams
Voxessor_1_2 – Let your voice be heard
Verbum_2_1 – The Beauty Is in Chaos
RoyalCompressor_2_0 – The Return of the King
SubbassDoctor808_2_0 – Treat Your SubBass Right
Transmutator_2_0 – The Art of Crossfading
QuickAG_2_1 – Bigger, better, brighter, smoother
QuickBass_1_1 – It’s all about that bass (and some treble)
FrontDAW_2_0 – Turn Your DAW Mixer into an Analogue Desk
Hyperspace_2_0 – Shortcut to the New Universe
MorphVerb_2_0 – I’m Every Reverb
Orbitron_1_0 – The Revolution in Modulation
FireMaster_2_0 – The Cherry on Top
FirePresser_2_0 – One to Rule Them All
Autoformer_2_0 – Colour, Polish, Finish
DIFIX_2_2 – Fix your recording hardware imperfection
Electrum_1_0 – The Mother of All Guitar Amps
Expanse3D_1_0 – Sound deeper, wider and bigger!
FireCharger_2_0 – Charge your sound to max
FireCobra_2_0 – Intelligence in Audio Enhancing


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