SINEE Chop Suey v. 1.1 [Kick Plugin] VST3 AU

SINEE Chop Suey v. 1.1 [Kick Plugin]

SINEE Chop Suey v. 1.1 [Kick Plugin] VST3 AU [WIN macOS]

You want to design kick drums exactly as you imagine them? Work quickly and intuitively, achieve completely individual results with three ingredients? Then you’ve come to the right place – because CHOP SUEY delivers exactly that! CHOP SUEY, a plug-in that meets all the requirements of the desired kick, no matter whether you are into brute sound or discreet time signature.

To get your ideal kick, you design the three main components of a kick – transient, body & tail – according to your ideas and then let them merge with each other. In this way, you can create in no time what many producers search for in vain or have to work out in fiddly detail – your own personal kick, individually shaped and with a high-quality sound. Save your time for big ideas and design your kick drums with CHOP SUEY now!

Chop SUey at a glance

  • Kickdrum Sample Editor software
  • Creation of individual kicks from the components transient, body & tail
  • Linear processing of the components & simple drag and drop operation
  • Precise editing options to generate single-phase kicks
  • 199 versatile presets for all electronic genres
  • Over 400 samples in the Factory Library

Chop Suey IS intended for everyone who …

  • … want to create their own kick drums easily and intuitively
  • … want to produce with unique kick and bass grooves
  • … who want to improve their workflow
  • … who are interested in sound design
Chop Suey – features
  • Drag and drop function for quick sample in / export
  • Zoom & Skew for detailed, visual feedback
  • Pitch detection of the root note
  • Integrated lowpass filter with resonance & beef
  • Beef & Glue for Distortion & Saturation
  • Quick export of the finished kick using drag & drop (no resampling necessary)
  • Phase & offset for the creation of pure phase kick drums
  • New and optimized GUI
  • Mute / Solo function per part (transient, body, tail)
  • English / German manuals open depending on the settings on the user computer


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