Skillshare The Art of Re-Amping TUTORIAL

Skillshare The Art of Re-Amping TUTORIAL

Skillshare The Art of Re-Amping TUTORIAL

Have you ever felt limited by the saturation and modulation plugins in the box while also having a rocking guitar amp and killer pedals? Then you should try Re-Amping!

Join producer and engineer Robert Rodriguez Del Toro on a crash course in the art of Re-Amping and access the real analog equipment you’ve always had in your home studio. This course breaks down the signal flow so that whether you’re in a project studio or professional facility, you can understand the basics of this underrated studio technique.

This course will demonstrate Re-amping with amplifiers and pedals using both Pro Tools (2020.12) and Logic Pro X. Enjoy!

Class Projects

See the attached PDF for Class Project instructions.

In order to complete this project, follow along with the PDF and perform the exercises as given. The instructions will directly apply to what is being talked about in the course so be sure to take notes and follow along carefully!

Feel free to upload before and after examples of your Re Amped audio to the Project Gallery. Ask questions in the gallery as well if you have trouble with any of the tasks given.


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