SLVR Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

SLVR Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

SLVR Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Alessandro Silveri, better known as SLVR (pronounced “silver”), is a 24-year-old producer based in Lecco, Italy. Despite his age, SLVR has already become known for his versatility, with his productions ranging vastly between Bass-House, House and UK Garage.

He defines his union of these genres with one word: “Booshi”. It stands not only as a unifier of different music genres, but also as a mood and a way of being, representing a high-quality product with an “underground” nature. His electric stage presence and talent have led him to appear on stage next to several giants of electronic music, from the likes of Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Nicky Romero, Crookers and many more.

Over nearly three and a half hours, you’ll get to ride alongside SLVR as he produces an intense, club-ready tune from scratch. You’ll learn how to assemble a groove, program bass and synth lines to play off of one another, develop tense and exciting breakdowns, and fine tune your track with a DJ-ready master. This is a one-of-a-kind course from a one-of-a-kind artist.

SLVR Track from Scratch

  • Chapter 1 : IntroductionIn this brief introduction, SLVR imparts some important wisdom for musicians looking to make a name for themselves.
  • Chapter 2: Workload & Schedule ManagementBefore we get started, SLVR takes a moment to express the importance of developing a consistent work schedule for yourself.
  • Chapter 3: Starting with a TemplateAs we prepare to dive into our session, SLVR explains how setting up a personal template in your DAW can streamline your process.
  • Chapter 4: Working in Chords & SamplesIt’s time to get to work! Rather than start by building a foundational groove, SLVR instead chooses to start with some samples.
  • Chapter 5: Creating the KickAfter getting his melodic samples in order, SLVR starts his search for the perfect kick to complement the track.
  • Chapter 6: Adding the Clap & Hi-HatsNow that the kick is in place, it’s time to start solidifying the rest of the track’s main groove.
  • Chapter 7: Editing the GrooveAs the groove continues to take shape, SLVR looks to take things up a notch with some intricate sound design.
  • Chapter 8: Crafting the Bass LineNow that the base groove of the track is firmly in place, SLVR gets to work honing in the track’s low end with a punchy bass line.
  • Chapter 9: Constructing Synth MelodiesLooking to take this track over the top, SLVR gets to work designing some synth melodies to fill out the arrangement.
  • Chapter 10: Track ArrangementAfter getting the track’s key elements programmed and positioned in the arrangement, SLVR starts putting all the pieces together.
  • Chapter 11: Adding Special Elements & Sound FXAs we come closer and closer to a finished arrangement, SLVR looks to introduce even more FX and elements to take it even further.
  • Chapter 12: Creating Build-UpsWith the track almost fully arranged and ready to go, SLVR looks to “build” some tension in the form of energetic, high-energy build-ups.
  • Chapter 13: Mixing (Part 1)Now that the track has been arranged, SLVR prepares to enter the initial phase of the mixing process.
  • Chapter 14: Mixing (Part 2)After mixing down his kick and the rest of the drums, SLVR starts dialing in the track’s bass and synth elements.
  • Chapter 15: Mixing the BreakdownWith the track’s main elements and the essential components of the drop taken care of, SLVR turns his attention back to the breakdown.
  • Chapter 16: Exporting for MasteringOnce he’s finished with the initial mixdown, SLVR bounces his tracks to audio stems so he can open a new project and start mastering.
  • Chapter 17: OutroAs our session comes to a close, SLVR offers some final parting words of wisdom to carry with you into your future productions.


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