SM Studios Tribal Percussion WAV REX2 AIFF

SM Studios Tribal Percussion WAV REX2 AIFF

SM Studios Tribal Percussion WAV REX2 AIFF

SM Studio delivers 300+ hyper-detailed Afro and Latin inspired tribal percussion loops optimised for use across the electronic music spectrum; from house to chillout, disco to world, it’s a treasure trove of beat bounty for producers wanting to add an organic, human feel to their beats.

Recorded with a myriad of real percussion instruments, including bongos, congas, djembes and shakers, each loop has been passed through Sample Magic’s fabled all-analogue signal path to offer unrivalled warmth, depth and character.

What’s Inside

Beautifully played percussion lies at the heart of the collection; hypnotic, groove-heavy percussion patterns which have been subtly reworked to ensure they’re perfectly optimised for the demands of the dancefloor.

We’ve deliberately gone easy on the processing. Beyond compression to get things pumping, we’ve dialled in some light processing to bridge the gap between the studio and the dancefloor, whilst being careful to leave headroom for producers to add their own FX treatments.

The collection into three tempo groups (100, 120, 126bpm) to make it easy to find the right groove for your track. For those who need things faster or slower we’ve also included the Apple and Rex2 files to make tempo manipulation a breeze.

As always, all loops are supplied as professional standard 24-bit Wav files and many loops are offered with variants for full arrangement flexibility.

Download contains:

  • 302 x 24-bit Wav loops
  • 302 x Apple Loops
  • 302 x Rex2 Loops
  • 6-page digital booklet


Demo Preview:

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